Comfort Fit™ Fingerless Glove

£19.35 (exc. VAT)

The Comfort Fit™ Glove range has always been light to wear, but the new Fingerless glove takes it to a new level. The high-cut styling gives you exceptional freedom when undertaking the most intricate tasks, yet over 90% of your hand still remains covered*. The fitted design moves with your hands as you work, minimising the risk of snagging and making it a comfortably light glove to wear. Although light, the Comfort Fit™ doesn’t hold back on durability. The breathable materials look after your hands on the inside, whilst the double-layered ultra-tough synthetic leather and double stitching do the hard work on the outside.

Glove Size Guide Table

If you are in between sizes, we suggest you round up to the nearest size.

XXS 5 127mm 5in
XS 6 152mm 6in
S 7 178mm 7in
M 8 203mm 8in
L 9 229mm 9in
XL 10 245mm 10in
XXL 11 279mm 11in