Robe T11 Profile MFS (Follow Spot)

£145.00 (exc. VAT) per week

£110.00 (exc. VAT) per day

The MSL-TE™ 350W LED Engine generating over 12.000 lm from the fixture.

This multi-spectral LED technology provides identical colour characteristics, responses, and control of T series luminaire, to give absolute colour consistency across your Robe lighting installation.

High-definition optics deliver precise projection, and the extreme, wide-ranging 10:1 ratio 5-50° zoom range, from its single, integral lens tube, without additional lens tubes or optical variants, makes it a highly flexible follow spot solution.

The innovative manual shuttering system, functioning as an internal barn door, is both accurate and easy to use. Fitted in the fixture is a manual 1° MagFrost™ for instant softening, with a 5° MagFrost™ stored on the magnetic holder within the fixture.

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