MagicFX CO2 Jet II2-way Bundle

£260.00£268.00 (exc. VAT) per week
This bundle includes:
  • 2x MagicFX CO2 Jet II
  • 2x 5m or 10m High-Pressure Hose
  • Cylinder Connectors & 2-way Combiner
  • 2x 5m or 10m Truecon Extensions
  • MagicFX Red Button or MagicFX COMM4NDER
  • Baseplates and Clamps
The CO2JET II is the next generation of the famous first edition. This jet blows loud sizzling, ice-cold smoke plumes of CO2. Place it on a stage or mount it in a truss, connect it to a CO2 gas bottle and blast a powerful white cloud of CO2 in the sky. The crowd will go crazy!
Thanks to the angle install plug, the CO2JETII output is adjustable in the direction you want it to be. Pull the angle knob and set the output pipe to the desired shooting angle.

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