Martin Atomic Strobe 3000

£30.00 (exc. VAT) per week

£20.00 (exc. VAT) per day

Waning (Please Read) *

The safety and comfort of the audience must be taken seriously, please avoid any prolonged use. (Please read the manufactures guide)

The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful, effective strobe with 3000 W power.

The Atomic 3000 DMX is an ultra-bright, powerful stroboscope ideal for clubs, concert tours, and mobile DJs of all sizes.

  • 3000 W Stroboscope
  • 5600 K Colour temperature
  • Continuous blinder effect
  • Variable flash intervals of 20 ms to 2 s
  • Variable flash duration and intensity
  • Programmed special effects
  • Flash tube with a long life
  • Control via DMX

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