MagicFX Stage Flame

£95.00 (exc. VAT) per week

£65.00 (exc. VAT) per day

Warning (Please Read) *

This product could be dangerous if misused, the operator must ensure that the area is safe to use this device within. If you need any support or have any questions please get in touch.

The MagicFX Stage Flame units are a great, easy-to-use flame system running off DMX.

The Stage Flame allows the user to use either (or both), internal aerosol canisters or propane gas from an external cylinder, which means it can still be used in buildings where propane cylinders are prohibited. Using just a single 500g aerosol canister you can produce up to 200 4m flames!

The output of standard flames (with an aerosol can or propane gas) is approximately 4m high.

The unit features 2 red LEDs to warn the artist on stage and safety and is also equipped with an infrared sensor and a flame detection system for maximum safety!

Don’t forget the MagicFX Stage Flame Spray Can!

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