Sennheiser Radio Mic 4Kit G4-100

£120.00 (exc. VAT) per week

This system includes 4 x Sennheiser EM100 G4 receivers, rack mounted in a flight case together with 2 x Sennheiser ASA214-UHF active antenna splitters. 2 x integrated Sennheiser NT1-1-UK power supplies provides DC power for all receivers and are connected via a Power-con socket on the rear panel. The custom connection panel also includes 2 x RF inputs, 8 x XLR audio outputs. A blanking panel is used to fully enclose the rear of the rack to protect the internal connections.

Also supplied with this system are

  • 2 x Sennheiser A1031-U External Antennas,
  • 2 x 5M BNC Aerial Cables,
  • 1 x Powercon Mains Cable and
  • 1 x 4-Way 3M Van Damme XLR Audio Loom.