Sennheiser HM200 Headset

£20.00 (exc. VAT) per week

With our smallest, proven microphone capsule MKE 1 (omnidirectional) and the lightweight as well as flexible metal boom, HM 200 is comfortable to wear for everyone. The slim design makes the HM 200 suitable for musical and theatre applications. The low weight offers a high wearing comfort and the best possible performance on stage. The head mic also features a discreet design that is barely visible from a distance. Thus, sound engineers directly move the focus completely towards the facial expressions of the singer or presenter.

The omnidirectional design of the MKE 1 capsule shields out distracting noises and makes the speaker’s voice the centre of attention.

HM 200 features a fixed cable, a shorter boom and a silver metal headband with a beige cable plus a variety of accessories. It sits on top of our headmic portfolio along with the HSP 2.

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