Working alongside artist Michelle Castles to install and showcase her exhibition in a whole new light.

After meeting with Michelle and the gallery curator we managed to collectively agree a timetable for the exhibition installation.

Our team led by Daniel had several main objectives to undertake.

A selection of  sculptures had to be suspended at height and within a set order, after two days of installation all the sculptures were ready to be lit.

Our technicians installed a touch screen PC with Avolites Titan software which could be left to run a programmed lighting sequence each day of the exhibition.

The preview went well and Michelle noted that working with Daniel and Artistic Solutions was a great experience.

We have since had the pleasure in working with Michelle on two further occasions.

Wow! Looks fantastic. Well done. You have really done the sculpture justice. I was worried that it wouldn’t show against a glass background but it looks super. Hope to get to work with you again in the future at some point!

– Michelle Castles (Artist, Wave Maker Exhibition)