Light Night Leeds with Artist Stuart Langley

Stuart first came to Artistic Solutions with an idea to create an interactive beating heart on the side of one of Leeds most iconic buildings.

Our objective was to create a control system with Stuart which would allow him to run many lighting sequences from over a kilometer away using wireless transmission.

We set about visiting the building and running several tests to determine which lighting fixtures would be the most effective. We also had to determined which gel filter would give us the greatest advantage in helping to spread the light evenly across each of the fourteen large windows.

We had to send the control signals over  a vast distance we decided to use our in-stock wireless DMX transceivers with directional antennas.

The lighting designed by Stuart was controlled with two bespoke lecterns constructed by our team following a design meeting with Stuart.

A team of six technicians set up and monitored the installation throughout the event which lasted several days.

The overall project was a fantastic success. We look forward to working on similar projects with Stuart in the future.

Here’s what Stuart had to say

Artistic solutions have helped me realise several ideas from concept to installation. Whether its an interactive beating heart on the side of one of Leeds’ biggest buildings or making thirteen illuminated crucifixes sync to a bespoke audio track, they’ve developed outstanding solutions to blue sky ambitions whilst making sure I have control over key creative decisions. Dan and the team are highly motivated, knowledgeable and professional – key ingredients to making any challenging install a reality. Stuart Langley

– Stuart Langley Beating Heart (Light Up Leeds)